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Essential English Grammar - A Friendly Approach

The "essentials" of English grammar to get you started.

Essential English Grammar - A friendly Approach


This e-course is brought to you by English Reservoir, English language experts. This course will last between 4-12 hours and is specifically designed to help you with the absolute ''essentials'' of English grammar while using a friendly and inductive approach, that is, a method with explanations, contextual dialogue, and analysis. Our course is not a typical, boring ‘’grammar-index''. Throughout this course, divided up into chapters, we're going to learn about the essentials of English grammar which are the six parts of speech (nouns/pronouns, adjectives, verbs (passive & active), adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions + interjections. Try not to get scared of the grammar. Rather, learn it in a fun, contextual and easily-comprehensive manner! Correct usage of grammar is essential to speak perfectly, so that's why we have prepared this fun course for you to get you motivated and learning quickly. Very simple terms are used to explain the grammar and everything is taught in an incredibly understandable manner with lots of context.

Course layout/how-to-guide:

This course is divided up into chapters and sub-sections. You should take it slowly and only do a maximum of thirty minutes per day. Watch the tutorial videos with your complete concentration and make sure you understand everything before moving on to the next section. This course does not cover all essential English grammar, but covers the most important aspects, which includes the six parts of speech + interjections.

Who should do this course?

If you have a medium/high level or you know a lot of English all ready, but you want to ''refresh'' your current knowledge and maybe even learn a few things then this is the right course for you.

What are the ''six parts of speech'' and why is this course focused on it?

The ''six parts of speech'' are what constitute the whole English language. The ''six parts of speech'' are: nouns/pronouns, verbs (active & passive), adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions + interjections.

So, is this just a boring "grammar-index''?

No! Absolutely not! The sole purpose of this fun e-learning course is to teach you all the essential English grammar, that is, the ''six parts of speech'', which are necessary to speak and understand English properly. By learning in a fun, inductive and contextual manner, you'll stay motivated, entertained and most importantly, learn how to speak and understand English.

Is this an entire grammar index covering all the English grammar?

No. This course covers the absolute "essentials’’ or ‘’basics’’ of English grammar so that you can understand and speak properly. If you're satisfied with this course, there will be another, more advanced course made available to you that will cover more difficult aspects of the English language for advanced learners.

Do I need to start the course from the beginning?

No! Absolutely not! You can also use this course to ''refresh'' parts of your grammar knowledge. It Is recommended though, if you're a complete beginner to start the course from the very beginning.

What’s the “method” of this course?

  • Explanation: a quick explanation on the new grammar point.
  • Context: a short dialogue or text putting into practice the new concept or grammar point.
  • Analysis: here, superscripts (1234) in the ‘’context’’ are used to label difficult grammar points, idioms and expressions that need extra explanations.
  • Section Review: a complete review after every section, using context, either dialogue or text. No superscripts (123) included in this part.

What are the small numbers (1, 2, 3) (or superscripts) at the top of some of the words for?

These small numbers 1,2,3,4 etc. or superscripts are inserted above certain words or phrases which need to be elaborated on further in the notes’ sections after every excerpt/dialogue. Take note of the number and make sure you understand all the explanations numbered accordingly.

What are the ‘’section reviews’’ after every section?

The ‘section reviews’ are basically just a follow-up on the previously learnt sections. The reviews will consist of an excerpt or dialogue incorporating all the elements learnt, thus using a friendly and contextual means to properly learn and put into practice the new concepts.

Course Curriculum

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